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Charlene Buske

Red Blacks Semi-Final Game

Red/Black vs Green/Yellow. Well, red is my favourite colour, but even if it wasn’t I would have cheered for the home team. Hubby used to play for the Myers Riders (just a few years ago 🙂 ) so I have been partial to the Ottawa/local teams. I almost brought my “real” red and black pompoms but thought the other 100 people on the bus might not appreciate them. Packed sardines we were.

Our seats were south-side, 3 rows up from the Edmonton bench. Nice view…..of the field and plays of course. Highlights: First quarter – Ottawa ahead, me getting snowy. Second quarter – Ottawa still winning, me soaked. Third quarter – Ottawa going to take this, me – leaving prime seats for cover. Fourth Quarter – Ottawa is heading to the Grey Cup – woot woot!… I watched the victory from the indoor screens, after successfully drying some clothing in the ladies washroom – finally a use for the crazy strong hand dryers!…..concessions were sold out of all hot drinks and there were no gloves to be found at the store – almost paid $30 for a plaid flannel blanket to use as a layer of clothing. Then back down to join hubby to watch the championship announcement and the flurry of excitement on the field.

So much fun. Go Red Blacks Go. You got this.

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