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Cottage Winterizing

Our cottage is a four-season dwelling so we don’t have to pack up everything, turn off the water and say goodbye until the sun appears again in the Spring.

We do, however, take precautions to allow for a safer winter visit and stow away items that require protection from the winter weather. Our aluminum dock with removable cedar panels saves a lot of back pain and can be removed from the water by a single person. Although this was a large upfront investment, not having to repair a wooden dock yearly that has been damaged by ice and wind allows us more time to enjoy the summer.

Our well casing/cap projects apprx 18 inches above the ground. After experiencing intermittent bouts of frozen pipes, and having to thaw with hot water (snow heated in the microwave) on a blistery winter day, hubby decided on a temporary fix, a 10-gallon pail inverted over the pipe. This, however, only worked when there was sufficient snow to insulate the pail. Permanent solution – heated wire running along the entire length of the pipe. No more chilly trips outside to thaw the frozen pipe.

Typically, cottage county means windier weather. Although our deck is covered, we do store the patio chairs and lighter outdoor furniture to ensure they don’t end up in the neighbour’s yard or in the lake.

This is probably year 5 that I have not put away our solar garden/walkway lights and I have yet had to replace the batteries. Such a peaceful setting to see an aura of light peeking through the snow.

Ready for the winter wonderland.

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